Technical information



Origin of our components

Boards: Koskisen, Finland, from sustainable forestry.
Fittings: Blum, Austria.
Connectors: Sycamore from the Alps, hardwoods from Europe, all from sustainable forestry.


Procedure and treatment

Machining: CNC manufacturing of boards and connectors in Germany.
Manual handling: Manufacturing of the accessories in the TAVAR workshop.
Surface treatment of the solid wood: Open-pored Resit wax resin using shellac.


Roundup, final check and dispatch

All aspects of TAVAR products are carefully examined at the TAVAR Headquarters in the Lueneburger Heide, Germany.



The boards are made of birch plywood, 18 mm, and from sustainable forestry. They are sourced from the more than 100+ year old traditional Finnish company, Koskisen. We proudly partner with Koskisen because of their immense experience in the field and ecologically sound philosophy.



We use magnets with a diameter of 8 mm. They consist of neodymium iron boron. This combination is currently the strongest available magnetic material combination worldwide. The magnets attract each other with a force of approx. 2.4 kg.
The strongest magnetic field power is measured close to pairs of magnets. Ours are 6 mm placed below the surface. The highest measured value of the so-called “magnetic flux density” in the TAVAR furniture systems is 13 Millitesla. Only 10 cm away from the magnets the magnetic field is hardly measurable.



The connectors are made of high-quality certified sycamore and European oak.
They are treated with Resit wax resin that is based on natural shellac, oil, wax and fermentated alcohol.
In Hesse Lignal’s lab our connectors were treated with differing compounds and tested to develop the ideal surface with the best possible light / UV protection.


Material variations of the connectors

White maple: Surface treatment with white-pigmented Resit wax resin.
Natural oak: Surface treatment with clear Resit wax resin.
Black oak: Surface treatment with vinegar, iron filings and black-pigmented Resit wax resin.