Supply chains




When choosing the materials, we pay close attention to the origin.

Delivery routes are always kept as short as possible.

We produce exclusively in Germany.

In Vindorf, a tiny village in the middle of the so called “Lueneburg Heath”, all threads come together. Here is our headquarters with workshop, warehouse and office.

In the next larger city Lüneburg, TAVAR furniture accessories are manufactured in collaboration with the carpentry department of the Lebenshilfe Lueneburg-Harburg, thereby incorporating a project worth supporting.

When packaging, we attach great importance to environmentally friendly materials. Plastic and styrofoam will not be found along with TAVAR. Our boards and connectors reach their destination well protected in boxes and cartons.

All processes of TAVAR – whether in development, production or in the office – are in harmony with ecological principles.


Supply chains for TAVAR until shipment to our customers: