Are magnets safe?


The magnets we use are safe for:

  • Bank- and creditcards,
  • Smartphone,
  • Tablet, PC,
  • Camera,
  • USB-Stick, memory card, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray,
  • Car keys,
  • Hearing aids, 
  • Pacemakers (Only when the direct distance between the pacemaker housing and the magnets used by us is less than 5 cm, pacemakers can briefly switch to the so-called “magnetic mode”, then the device normalizes again. For more detailed information, please refer to the instruction manual of your pacemaker.).

Only thin paper magnetic cards as for parking garages as well as the driving characteristics of mechanical watches can be influenced if the distance to the magnets is less than 3 cm.


Is there any danger of allergies?


Our magnets are coated with a nickel copper alloy.
Nickel allergy sufferers could react when skin contact occurs.