With every order we include a care and cleaning set.
All TAVAR boards can be cleaned, thanks to the coating, with a damp cloth and a mild cleansing agent.


To clean the surfaces use a damp cloth and a mild cleansing agent, afterwards just wipe them dry with a clean cloth.
Clean slightly dirty places with warm water, furniture soap and a soft fleece cloth (damp, not wet).
You can treat more heavily affected surfaces or black marks (from rubber etc.) on the solid wood legs in the direction of the grain with a cleaning pad moistened with care oil.
To avoid potential colour differences clean a bigger area.
A few minutes after the care oil treatment rub dry the cleaned area in grain direction with a soft cotton cloth.
Please, do not use a micro fiber cloth, fat-dissolving detergents or steam cleaners.


General care


Shellac, wax and natural oils protect the wood and enhance the surface of the furniture without closing the pores. However, these natural materials diminish, under light influence, biologically. Hence you should refresh the protective coating now and again.
Also in assembled state you can treat the solid wood connectors with a little care-oil. Please only use the provided product from Hesse-Lignal. You can also order the oil from us.